The business refused to profit at the time of the epidemic of the coronavirus

Vitamins – free

In response to the rise in prices of imported lemons and ginger in Penza, local entrepreneurs organized a charity fair.

by the Way, it they worked with the precautions visitors over the loudspeaker asked to keep a safe distance, and sellers in masks and gloves regularly disinfected.

Buyers are not many, but those that have been surprised with the generosity of the sellers. On some trays the gift of giving has just grown crops.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS Shopping “at home” prescribed rules in terms of COVID-19

Penza greenhouse gave away 300 kilograms grown in the open ground vegetables. Requested not to abuse and take as much as you can eat.

“Mushroom company” of Serdobsk district brought the first wagon of fresh mushrooms. She’s determined weekly to deliver about three tons of mushrooms for the needy for free. Although their products are in the post already demand. But people are not cashing in.

According to the regional Ministry of agriculture in Penza region recorded the lowest price of vegetables. In Penza the cheapest in the Volga Federal district potatoes – 15 roubles for kg, cabbage – 16 rubles, onion – 24 roubles, carrots – 22 rubles.

Eat bread – do not take money

the Owner of several bakeries in Tambov Vladimir Leshchenko puts fresh loaves of bread in the food packages for the elderly. The money it takes says, is not the time to think about profits.

Photo: Press-service of administration of Krasnodar Krai Kuban 28 thousand families will receive free food packages

– Now is difficult for everyone, us too. Revenue fell by 50 percent, people do not go. But we must help. Today 34 loaves given. Next, I think, will be more – the first day, while only cooperating with volunteers. Going to work, until there is a regime of self-isolation, – said Vladimir.

His example was followed by other Tambov businessmen. Two friends Leshchenko: one bakes muffins and cookies, the second is honey – joined in its logistics and added to food parcels for pensioners sweet. And the owner of a family supermarket “Loaf” Denis Bastrykin free makes house food orders. “The price are lower than the chain stores, so order willingly. To liaise with the volunteers: they take off orders, I have them generate and deliver either to them or directly to the address”, – said Denis.

Breakfast from aviation

the Airport Platov started to provide free meals to lonely elderly people of the Rostov region under quarantine.

As told to “RG” Director of strategic communications of the international airport Platov Ksenia Burmenko, catering service on a daily basis produces food rations, including Breakfast, lunch and dinner for lonely pensioners in Rostov region over 65 years. After all, they are in a home insulation more than others need help because they do not have relatives who could support them.

Photo: iStock St. Petersburg began to help the volunteers fruits and useful services

the initiator of the action – holding “Airports of Regions”, which, despite the difficult economic positionthe amount of the entire aviation industry and losses that are now airports, seeks to contribute to the overall effort to combat COVID-19.

Help the most unprotected group of the population is in cooperation with volunteer organizations and services of social protection, which identified the specific addresses of the needy and deliver hot meals. In Rostov them to get 500 singles.

Sacrifice not at the expense of wages

medical Equipment, masks, sanitizer and much more – in the era of pandemic coronavirus have become a necessity in each region. Which means to acquire all this? Large company and small industries began to transfer donations to special funds.

In the Belgorod region on the appeal of the head region, Yevgeny Savchenko immediately responded large agricultural holdings in metals companies, small and medium business. As well as ordinary Belgorod began to transfer to the Fund who can.

Photo: Bogdan Polyakov In Simferopol, manufacturers of handbags began to sew masks for volunteers

But this was followed in social networks and messengers began to increase negative wave: not by whether salaries leading employers are sacrificing for the purchase the same devices for artificial ventilation of the lungs? Why the budget is not spent on this? In the government these questions are answered, they say means patrons list voluntarily, and certainly not from the wage Fund and profit.

At the end of last week managed to collect almost 120 million rubles by donations. And the amount changes each day in a big way. Budget money is also allocated.

the Kursk opened the account

In the Belgorod mobilized funds budget, but it was not enough for the full readiness of the region to provide effective and timely medical assistanceand in the midst of the epidemic. Therefore the decision on the collection of voluntary donations, explained in the government of the Belgorod region.

But Belgorod first opened the collection. And next-door neighbors – the Kursk – began to form a special Fund on the initiative of businessmen. The head of one of the enterprises Andrey Kanunnikov made the first donation in the amount of 15 million rubles, his example with the difference in monetary terms – was followed by others.

Entrepreneurs are asked not to advertise neither the amount nor the participation itself, emphasizing: in such a difficult time as never before we need solidarity in the fight against the disease and mutual assistance. Some are reminded of what their business was started not without the aid of government subsidies and incentives, and medical equipment or remedy buy in order to help, including employees of their companies if they get sick.

Abroad has helped us

In the Lipetsk region – the situation is similar. The only difference is that the active patrons here were foreign investors.

Photo: Press-service of the plant Common difficulties forced the Ural businessmen to remember about mutual aid

– In this difficult time we are all faced with a difficult situation that changes the world, our lives and our approach to work, – says the General Director of the Italian company Valerii Nibali. – It is necessary to unite our efforts to cope with this devastating coronavirus infection and return to normal life.

Entrepreneur Francesca Costa reminded that Russia was the first country that has sent a plane with medical care in Italy, where the epidemic has claimed hundreds of lives. “I consider it my duty to make every effort to assist people who are faced with COVID-19 – emphasizes Francesca. In sotheir complex circumstances, it is necessary to think not only about profits but also about the life and health of people.

Stores opened jobs

Kaliningrad entrepreneurs not only help others, but also try in this difficult time to support each other.

landlords give tenants discounts or even allow you to avoid paying rent in the next month (such precedents in the last days is becoming more and more).

Photo: the Regional headquarters of the popular front in the Samara region In Samara, volunteers congratulated the pensioner in isolation happy birthday

Players of the tourism market together to develop comprehensive packages with open dates. While large companies employ employees of a small related businesses.

For example, one of Kaliningrad’s largest retailers has taken on the temporary job of about 60 people who previously worked in catering. “While cafés and restaurants can’t function, we have opened additional temporary jobs for employees of partner companies in our sales rooms and shops, – has told to the correspondent “the Russian newspaper” the Deputy Director General of the supermarket chain Alex Elaev. – Then Kaliningraders will be able to return to a previous job”.

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