Infected with coronavirus 31-year-old Briton Omar Taylor was released from the hospital, having survived a few serious complications, reported the Daily Mail.

As writes portal, the family men were advised to prepare for the worst: he was put into a medically induced coma, after which he spent a month attached to the ventilator.

After Taylor regained consciousness, he lost feeling in his right arm and the ability to speak. It turned out that he had suffered two strokes. Shortly before this the patient had a blood infection and cardiac arrest.

The doctors assumed that the man will never be able to walk, and I consider his recovery a miracle.

"I looked at two-year and four-year-old and thought how to tell them that their father is dying" —says the wife of Taylor.

However, the Briton went to the amendment, the newspaper writes. When Taylor was discharged from the hospital, he was applauded by the doctors. Now the man was a long process of recovery.