Sooner or later, the quarantine and isolation will end, private enterprise will be opened and people will begin to return to their jobs. But the imprint introduced the pandemic restrictions will still be lying on the labor process. The idea of what will work after a coronavirus, give the plans of British companies.

against the background of statements of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the upcoming easing of the quarantine, a number of British firms shared plans to return employees to work after the lifting of restrictions. Options of gradual recovery of activity of the companies after the pandemic coronavirus include working in shifts, isolated work and getting rid of cash.

In any case, it is assumed that security measures and distancing will be maintained at workplaces, even after removing the “lockdown”. Even optimists realize that the coronavirus will be part of a “normal” life – at least until a vaccine is developed (and this can take months).

Many workers in various fields can feel a huge difference between his zocoronline the past and the future – how they will have to interact with colleagues or use office space.

a Number of companies even after the end of the quarantine plan to leave employees to work from home. This applies in particular to the Bank clerk they can continuously work on remote, as the authorities said that this method was quite effective.

it is Also widely discussed question is whether a pandemic is imminent end of cash, because people now actively avoid the use of “cash” out of fear of catching the virus.

At the forefront of returning to work are likely to be construction companies. Some of them, however, continued to work during the “lockdown” to help ensure that the distancing on construction sites. However, many workers felt the risk of catching the infection, but even more afraid to lose their jobs if they do not appear in the workplace.

Ready to return to work and agents on operations with the real estate. They believe that the views of housing will soon be resumed, because they can be carried out with observance of the rules of social distancing. However, while thousands of real estate transactions remain suspended.

Plan to return workers to the factories and a number of British car manufacturers. Thus for safety’s sake, it is assumed that the timetable will be interchangeable to keep your distance in the workplace, and workers will be asked to wear protective clothing and masks. The factories want to use marking to maintain a safe distance between people.

Last in the queue wishing to resume their activities, most likely in Great��of great Britain will be catering and drinking establishments – pubs, restaurants and bars. They have trouble keeping up with the course.

Even in the conditions of quarantine, many such institutions were able to continue trading using the delivery of food to clients or pereprofilirovanie in grocery stores.

anyway, proposals for the reopening of pubs and restaurants include replacement schedules and limiting the number of customers.

Changes wait and the travel. Some airlines are forced to keep their planes on the “funnies”, announce mass layoffs. And others asking the government a multimillion-dollar financial injections for their survival. However, according to The Sun, there are those airlines that hope may be gone when they put the new security procedures. So one of the known carriers low cost plans to leave the middle seat in each section of seats free, while their competitors are not planning to leave vacant places, but any passenger, sitting down on a flight of this airline, you will need to check the temperature.