The high salaries of professional footballers is feeding well on the channel, and the coronadebat. The government is calling for the players in the Premier League and now to be a part of their own salary to be. The Uk’s Health minister, Matt Hancock, is clear: “If you can up the wages of non-playing staff will have to be paid.”

“Everybody’s got to have a role to play, and it also means that the Prime minister-League players,” said Health minister Matt Hancock at a press conference. “The first thing they can do to help is to take a pay cut to accept it.”“It could be that they will certainly be able to help you to enter the wages from the non-playing staff will have to pay for it.”

the Band has put out a call to the players in the Premier League (Picture: EPA, EFE,

In England, there have been a lot of criticism for the clubs and their personnel to be temporarily unemployed, so that they are from the British package enjoy it, and the players did their millions of keep rijven. In the house of Commons, a load is asking for clubs that are not inclusive to show it.

as Elsewhere in Europe, the players from big clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus have agreed to a significant pay. The most Profvoetballersbond (PFA), the aim is not, however, know about it, and in the worst case, will delay the payment to be accepted. Their front is cracking, and variety. On Wednesday, the technical staff of the east cliff of Bournemouth just a pay cut. Thursday, as it did, from Brighton, that’s an example.