40-year-old bride Sam Graham from the English city of Burnley, Lancashire, drank at the wedding, got tangled in her dress, fell and broke her leg. This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

In early August, Graham married Dave, whom she met six years ago on a dating site. “In fact, I was not looking for love, one of my friends posted my data on the site. But it turned out that Dave lived next to my mother and, like me, was a single parent. He’s a real gentleman. We fell in love very quickly, ” the British woman said.

During the holiday, the bride got tangled in her dress and fell headfirst. The British woman felt a strong pain in her leg, but did not immediately go to the doctor — she and her husband returned home tired and immediately went to bed. The next morning, Graham woke up with a swollen leg and went to the hospital. The picture showed two cracks, and now the woman will have to recover within a month and walk on crutches.

The newly-made husband of a British woman takes care of her and helps with household chores. “In our vows, it was said:” In sickness and in health,” and Dave was baptized — he takes care of me and does everything necessary, ” Graham said.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of England received four broken legs during her hen party. The girl underwent a two-hour operation and spent 12 days in the hospital.