Network of fast food restaurants Subway uses bread with excessive amount of sugar, which did not suit the Supreme court of Ireland. About it writes The Guardian.

According to the calculations of the court, the sugar content of the bread exceeds the limit. Thus, buns fall under the category confectionery. Under Irish law, the amount of sugar in the bread “shall not exceed 2 percent of weight of flour included in the dough”. However, the us network bread contains five times more sugar.

the world health organization (who) indicates that you can consume no more than 10 percent sugar from your daily calorie intake. The who strongly recommends reducing this amount to 5 percent, which is about 25 grams.

As explained by the TV channel “360” dietitian mariyat Mukhina, consume large amounts of sugar is harmful for many reasons. So, it increases the risk of heart disease. In addition, excess amount of sugar leads to the development of diabetes and increase the weight.

in addition, women may experience breast precancerous and background diseases, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.

Earlier, experts Roskoshestvo warned about the danger of eating bread mold, and also indicated the cases in which it appears and on what grounds it can be determined. Most often, the lesion can be detected in the bread that is sold in sliced and packaged form, as this increases the surface area available for mold growth.