The brains at the helm of the coronavirus managers time to rebuild

Very recent history. Happened just yesterday. At first glance – about the coronavirus. But really, about the brain steering processes of managers that it is time to readjust, damn it. It is time to start thinking in new ways. Not one step forward and at least two.

there was a story in Yakutia. From Peter went there as a group of doctors, 32 people, to take smears on COVID-19 workers of the oil station.

Peter is the control center of the company he organized. Of doctors led by special flight and they were supposed to deliver back.

Before going to the oil station to airport Talakan, the doctors of the bus came a representative of the company and said that suits personal protection, they should be put in front of the plane. Nothing was explained, left.

On the road behind the bus with the doctors fell in a truck with heavy patients who had to be taken away from the station – as it turned out, the same Board that doctors.

the Plane – the most common. It is not equipped with a separate box for patient transportation.

the flight Time is longer than seven hours. It is clear that through the ventilation system will be infected all the doctors and flight crews. No suit will not help because the infection will occur through the respiratory tract. So as not to get infected, you have 7 hours to fly in a gas mask, only this variant works.

the Board after the flight it will be necessary to disinfect and clean the vents. There, even the cleaners are not allowed to clean up – all will be sick.

shift workers, apparently, the massive outbreak of coronavirus. Because of this, the station and sent doctors to take smears.

it is Clear that critically ill patients need to evacuate. The task, which was to decide the management and logistics of the oil company: how and at what price?

They had to understand that if in the course of evacuation they will become infected and get sick 32 of the doctor and the crew of the aircraft, it is not even too much to ask. It is a crime. But they didn’t understand. Never thought about it. Simply resolved a narrow, set by the authorities task: to take the doctors to the station and delivering a return flight cases shift workers.

the Doctors eventually refused to return to Peter in the same plane with patients. Decided that they need right for the country as able-bodied workers, and not as an additional burden on medical facilities. Conveyed on Board taken from the oil samples, and decided to fly the next day a passenger flight.

With patients flew one local doctor is also sick, by the way. Don’t know how they overcame seven hours in the air with failing lungs. I hope that was the flight alive.

This story is just one example of the huge number of administrative errors that occur now throughout the country and lead to a dramatic spread of the virus.

same with��studied, when the police on the instructions of the leadership began to decide their narrower task is to check the permits of the passengers in the subway.

the same is happening now in hospitals that are entirely closed for quarantine due to the fact that their doctors have decided its narrow task – to provide medical services to the population – and forced subordinates to work without providing them with personal protective equipment.

Technically, they acted – and many continue to operate in the line of duty. I was asked – I did.

But this approach to peace. Now you can’t.

We are all connected by a single rope. When executives, managers, doctors, all grades of commanders to solve only its “narrow in scope”, they tighten the rope on the neck of the other.

not to delay, they must learn to solve their specific problem within the General broad objectives “to Stop the spread of infection.” And for this they need to restructure the brain.

They need to learn to argue with their own leaders. To prove that the reentry problem is not solved as they require. Think through all the consequences of administrative orders. To be responsible for people’s lives, which they are subject.

And the most difficult – not to stay at the same his chair.

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