Ksenia Sobchak in a personal blog analyzed the use of isolation and came to interesting conclusions. In her opinion, the airs, which were forced to resort many bloggers revealed one fact – their low intellectual abilities.

“All frankly summed this format. Writing captions, you can hire a student of the literary Institute. Well, or kopipastit from daddy, “the verses of poets of the silver age”. And live already “slave” will not send you need to broadcast their own thoughts, their desperate no. In the best case. Well, at worst – we have what we have, examples you have seen. Because all these beautiful people with perfect faces are not heavily burdened with intelligence, and what you want? They are, in fact, it is not like they did not try to develop or bring to life this strange body – the brain. He is not buttocks, not hotpotatoes”, – she wrote.

As a result, presenters advised the girls to appear on the Network exclusively in the recording using the video editor. Whose live has inspired Sobchak for the post, she said.

“so what’s the difference. They are now so much!” she replied curious followers.

However, among the subscribers there were several versions.

“Regina and Bonnie”, “Every second, except Ivlievu. See generally certain, misery, not esters”, “I’m here today at Yana Rudkovskaya came across. It’s the utter fucked”, “Zakharova?”, “From Buzova to some wives of some players. Or players. But there was a lot of interesting esters from bulls to gates”, “Ulevoi for sure! She’s all alone forever does not” – can be read in the comments the personal blog of a star.