as well as Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all other health care professionals, in hospitals, and getting a Covid-19-with the bonus of 1,450 euros. This is one of the measures which the government Wilmès an agreement in the fight against feline corona virus and its impact, reports The Times.

The government is counting on 10,000 requests at the cost of 14.5 million euros, will. In addition, a reduction in personal SOCIAL security contributions, according to The Time of day.

in Order to avoid the coronacrisis economic result of the regeringstop Thursday night a battery of measures was worked out. The government wants to do, especially for those who work or are going to offer an incentive.

in the first set of proposals comes down to the financial incentives available to those who work, it is and always will be. It’s going to be the so-called coronabonus, who is Finance minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) has already suggested. That is, should companies allow employees to a contribution of $ 1,000 to give, without the tax and social security contributions should be paid. It would cost the treasury nothing, because it’s going to be an additional compensation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

as for The proposals to come out of the ten parties who are on the government-Wilmès with the powers of attorney have provided. The package will be on Saturday presented at the meeting of the regeringstop, and the party chairs. It adds to the ”bazooka” of € 50 billion, which is The Croo been extracted.

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