In the first part we heard Opera arias, duets and ensembles performed by the singers from around the world Igor golovatenco, Dinara Alieva, Anna Aglatova, Oleg Dolgov, Anna Nechaeva as well as young soloists and trainees of the theater. For spectators they have prepared a gift – sang a medley of songs about the sea and Sevastopol. Sounded loved by all the citizens “Sevastopol waltz”, the song “Blue eternity” and “my Black sea”.

After the intermission, the audience saw the ballet “Carmen-Suite”. The main roles were played by prima ballerina Svetlana Zakharova, Denis Rodkin premiere and Denis Savin. An innovative show was staged in 1967 specifically for Maya Plesetskaya Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso. In 2005, he was revived by the Bolshoi theatre with the participation of Alonso.

the General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin told reporters that the company did not know until recently, will the festival does not cancel any of his due to the coronavirus. But artists are prepared. The ballet dancers took longer, they took an early vacation.

– This speech is very important for the Bolshoi theatre, – urin said. – Since mid-March, the actors never left the stage. Returning to his home, to rehearsals has been of incredible value. And the fact that the first performance takes place here, in Chersonese, Sevastopol wonderful on earth, especially gathers artists. The guys are nervous, rehearsed, prepared. Many of them danced and sang on the most famous stages in the world, but this particular Playground.

At the opening of the festival was attended by the Minister of culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova. She read from the stage to welcome the participants of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

– Most importantly, we gathered together and watch the unique concert of the Bolshoi theatre is not online, we return to the usual format in the auditorium, – said Lyubimov. – Fantastic that this is happening in a place like this.

She said that preparations for the festival were conducted in conjunction with the CPS. Required to ensure the safety of spectators and artists. In addition, in Chersonesus was built a unique stage that’s bigger and lighter than last year.

according to festival organizer Natalia Popova, the scene created according to the requirements of the Bolshoi theatre. Design is on poles, not buried in the ground. The surface of the floor on the stage was aligned only by the height of the supports. The parterre was designed for 1,500 spectators, however, are only sold 900 tickets. Between left seat availability to provide social distance. At the same time families can sit together, this allows the requirements of the CPS. At the entrance viewers are distributed masks and gloves, installed sanitizer.

Performances of the Bolshoi theatre in Chersonesos will be held until 2 August. ��the t will remain the same, but the performers of the leading roles in the ballet “Carmen-Suite” will change.