The body of Stephen, Between, missing in action since december of last year, on Friday evening, fished out of the river Flémalle. This has to be the father of the victim reported to the public prosecutor’s office in Liège, the identity of the man is attached.

Between (27) and disappeared, along with his partner, Sandra, Paermentier (40). Around the turn of the year, it was the lifeless body of the Paermentier found on board of a car in the river. The authorities suspect that it was an accident and it went off.

Paermentier, and Clement had not been seen since the beginning of december last year. On the 7th of december, between 22 and 23 hours, it could be for the last time, a contact will be made. Since then, the couple, from Huy, not a trace to be found. To Paermentier has been found, and is now Reproduced.

The public prosecutor’s office had already know that the dents in the car to remind the driver to control the car, it would have lost, before reaching the Meuse river to the end.