Broke out in America, the protests on racial grounds brought the world fame to the movement Black Lives Matter. Because it does not have a clear hierarchical structure and recognized leaders at the national level, the aims and objectives for many remain a mystery. Where is the beginning and what (in addition to the dissolution of the police and the demolition of unwanted monuments) wants this movement, proclaiming that “black lives matter”, its activists explain on the Network.

Despite the fact that the peak of the popularity of the movement BLM reached last month on the background of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it appeared back in 2013.

the Reason for the reason was the death of 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin in February 2012 in the “white district” in Florida. The teenager was mortally wounded combatant from the “neighborhood watch” George Zimmerman, when they clashed.

Then they resented the fact that white Zimmerman shooting an unarmed black guy who was carrying only a bag of sweets and a bottle of tea, was acquitted in court. This situation prompted one of the founders of the movement Patrice Cullers start the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and another activist, Opal Tomei, create a website and official pages in social networks to support this initiative.

the Verdict sparked mass protests in many cities of the United States. On the streets protesters – some wearing t-shirts with the words “Shoot me I’m black” and with posters “No justice” and “Equality for all”. Thus was born the movement and the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter after the mass demonstrations over the deaths of two African Americans, Michael brown in Ferguson and Eric garner in new York even entered the global trends.

supporters of the BLM has made a commitment to unite and fight for a world free from racial discrimination and police brutality where the black population also has social, economic and political power. So, in early June, the Chairman of the Department of Black Lives Matter in the greater new York hawk Newsome claimed that the movement “mobilize” his base and focuses on establishing highly skilled “combat” units to counter police brutality. These plans are made to recall the practice of “Black Panthers”, which in the 1960-ies were created armed civil patrols.

However, the confrontation of the brutality of law enforcement officials is only a part of the organization. Black Lives Matter unites people around the world, promoting its core values and talking about their culture and history. Every year, the supporters of the movement hold meetings, open funds, collect donations in order to pay a Deposit in court and to release the illegally arrested aframeof Ricans. In addition, the organization has helped many representatives of the black population to find jobs and also gave the opportunity to receive free education.

“global network of Black Lives Matter strong through our membership, our partners, supporters, staff and You, – is emphasized on the official website of the movement. – We continue the work of our ancestors and fighting for collective freedom, because we see this as our duty.”

it is Noteworthy that the equality in organizations can be traced in everything. Black Lives Matter has no Central leadership, no formal hierarchy, and all employees work for donations. Moreover, everyone has the opportunity to create their own small office, which subsequently becomes part of a larger system.

the Basic ideas of Black Lives Matter – sometimes specific, sometimes vague – are detailed on the organization’s website.

“We want to fight together, to think and create free of antichinese racism a world where every black person has a social, economic and political force for prosperity,” proclaims Black Lives Matter and continues: “From the outset our intention was to unite black people all over the world who strive for justice, to work together in their communities. The impetus for this choice was and remains rampant and deliberate violence on the part of the state.”

that’s what, according to the website of the movement, the followers believe Black Lives Matter.

“Every day, we undertake to heal ourselves and each other, and create together with friends, allies and family culture where each person feels that he can see, hear and support. We recognize, respect and celebrate differences and similarities. We are actively working for freedom and justice for blacks and, for that matter, for all people.

We intentionally create and nurture a favorite community, United by a wonderful struggle that restores, not drains”.

“Claiming that Black Lives matter, we don’t need to soften their stance, the statement “article of faith” BML. We see ourselves as part of the global Black family… We are guided by the fact that all black people have value regardless of their actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, economic status, ability, disability, religious belief or disbelief, immigration status, or location”.

Arguing that the movement aspires to a world where black women do not experience sexism and misogyny, this kind of Manifesto expressly stipulates that the movement “creates space for the participation of transgender brothers and sisters”: “We semireflexive and work performed, notnecessary to eliminate privileges cisgendered and improve the welfare of black transgender people, particularly black transgender women, who continue to suffer disproportionate impacts transinternational violence.”

in the programme objectives of the BLM is “intention to escape from the hard grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that everything in the world is heterosexual”.

indicating that “practicing empathy”, the movement declares: “We are violating the prescribed requirement by the West on the nuclear family structure (model of the family, the family based on the division of functions earn money husband and wife, leading a household and caring for children MK), supporting each other as extended family and “village”, which collectively care about each other, especially our children.”

And Black Lives Matter proclaimed commitment to a future without ageism, that is, without discrimination on the basis of age: “We believe that all people, regardless of age, have the ability to lead and to learn. We are in our commitments embodied and practiced justice, liberation and peace.”