Foundation In the U.S. Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”) from the end of may raised $4 million endowment. The Fund has nothing to do with the eponymous anti-racist movement — the organization stands for “unity with the police.”

According to Buzzfeed, the Black Lives Matter Fund was founded in 2015 black producer Robert Ray Barnes. He is the only employee of the organization. At the same time, in five years, the Fund has not launched any programs. According to the founder, instead the money are distributed to other charitable organizations.

According to 67-year-old producer, he intends to organize buffets “over a Cup of coffee” with security officials and residents of the city and to distribute brochures with “positive news” about police work.

a Substantial part of the donations ($4 million of the $4.3 million estimated Buzzfeed) from 31 may to 5 June at the Barnes Foundation mistakenly enrolled a large Corporation Apple, Microsoft and Google. Now most of the funds for Black Lives Matter, frozen. Sam Barnes complains that the movement for the rights of black “stole the invented name”. However, he said he was ready to return the money that was not intended to the Foundation.

In the Declaration Barnes for 2017 indicated an income of $300 000. Of which about a third was spent on various expenses, and $24 000 was salary himself. In 2019 the operation of the Barnes Foundation was suspended by the decision of the attorney General of California. However, after this organization had disappeared from the list on charity online.

the Black Lives Matter Movement intensified in the United States with protests in late may after the death of a black George Floyd in Minneapolice. On may 25 the detention of police officer Derek Showin almost 10 minutes, I pressed his neck with his knee to the ground. Floyd complained that he could not breathe, and died soon after in hospital from his injuries. Medical examination confirmed that he died as a result of cardiopulmonary of shock (cardiac and respiratory).

the Death of Floyd has provoked protests and riots in the United States, is still ongoing.

Arthur Smith