The SBB have been this week, that the Punctuality figures “regional and individual lines” to be on an insufficient level.

most of the passengers are concerned, when it comes in the long-distance transport delays. Sunday vision has, therefore, by using the portal recycling the SBB data, the largest problem distances in Intercity traffic located. Taken into account only lines were headed, where in the last 365 days, a minimum of 5000 trains.

delay problems around Olten, SO,

most of all patience train driver needed to be on the route Thun–Spiez. On this IC track, only 64.3 percent of 16495 trains were on time. Every third train had a delay of three minutes or more. The route Bern–Thun can be found in the Top Ten of the late most Intercity lines.

delay problems show up around the transport hub of Olten, SO, as well as in the Basel area. An SBB spokesman writes: “In Basel, Switzerland, in the Valais and in Geneva, the international passenger traffic from Germany or Italy and France influenced the timeliness.”

punctuality more weight

In the Eastern part of Switzerland, it comes much less frequently to delays. SBB, explain it this way: “In the event of delays, it is often on the main lines to the Stacks. Therefore, a delay in the major urban centres of the regions of Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lausanne-Geneva, stronger.”

As in regional transport, the Federal office for transport (BAV) would like to give the punctuality in long-distance transport more weight. “There, however, it is more difficult, because no services have been ordered, but only concessions are awarded,” says BAV spokesman Michael Muller.

the new concession, which comes into force in December, were the first to set quality conditions. But not the punctuality. Müller: “Before the punctuality is defined as a measurable criterion in the concession, it must be clarified how the external factors will be dealt with, the consequences for the punctuality, but the company will not directly be influenced.”