at Least the name of it, a battle of the giants. Jack Johnson (56-11-8, 35), the “Galveston Giant”, against Jess Willard (22-5-1, 20 K. o.), the “Pottawatomie Giant”, on 5. April 1915 at the Oriental Park in Havana (Cuba). Johnson’s last defeat had been around ten years, as the living legend met with the 29 on the three years younger, Willard, the Boxer’s career had begun, however, the first in 1911. After points Johnson was also in the front, as Willard him in the 26. Round (of 45 planned beat) knocked out.

While Johnson after this surprising defeat for eleven years, no further conceded, remained for Willard, only the Status as a flash in the pan. The title of world champion in heavy weight, he had taken off Johnson, he was able to defend in 1916, against Frank Moran. But in the next Fight, he lost it spectacularly to another Ring legend, Jack Dempsey. The beat Willard in the first round seven Times before the fight in the third was stopped. Then Willard fightete two more Times, won only against Floyd Johnson, lost in the “Battle of the Giants” against Luis Angel Firpo, and sat down to rest. It’s appearances in Vaudeville Shows and movies, with which Willard rode a modest acting career followed.

Text: Nils Bothmann & Frank Schwantes

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