Between pain and embarrassment: The private broadcaster recycles itself and snips old material into trash clips. What is special about this best-off of sleazy television? In “The Big Celebrity Penance” the suffering is doubled – a purgatory of vanity.

I am a trained Catholic. The church was part of my childhood and youth. The confessional belonged to the church. At the confessional the brooding search for sins. And after confession? Then followed: the imposed penance. It was a few hastily said prayers before the church gate opened again – out, towards full life. That’s how it was back then. The “Big Celebrity Penitence”, in which ProSieben shovels a lot of so-called celebrities onto the screen, obeys completely different beliefs. These heroes of trash TV only live from sins and sinning.

ProSieben shows the drop in quality right at the beginning. The stars jump out of the helicopter into the water. This is the test of courage for them. The test of courage for the viewer only picks up speed there. The trash divers come up again. The level stays down. Because the mud fight also takes place in a concrete sense. Elena Miras and Helena Fürst also throw dirty words at each other during a mud duel. Then Matthias Mangiapane, known from RTL “Jungle Camp” and all sorts of other dirty programs, is assigned. He has to go to the “Shame Round”.

“Like a wild boar” he is said to have blasphemed about TV-Schluckspecht*In Claudia Obert. “Hollow claw,” he calls them. “He flies something in the head,” he threatens. “Beast,” he scolds. Travesty artist Olivia Jones confronts him with a guilty conscience. “I’m not particularly proud of this argument,” he admits. “But my opinion would be the same today as I said it with the wrong words.” That doesn’t sound like remorse. “You’re dehumanizing them,” Olivia Jones accuses him of. “I’m still ashamed of that to this day,” Mangiapane says at the end, recognizing “the devil in person.” Oliva Jones then wants to get to know good resolutions. Mangiapane resists. “That’s just the negative again,” he feels misrepresented by ProSieben. And the penance? Reveals Olivia Jones: “You have latrine duty, you can clean up the dirt for the others and always think about the dirt you’ve done.”

There’s plenty of dirt, not just in the latrine. For a game, the celebs list their bad qualities. They start and start with “bitchyness”. Everyone has to strain their memory and add one word at a time. There are words like “lies”. “Being angry.” Or simply “smoking”. Those who fail to remember will be put on the nomination list for expulsion. But whoever flies out of the trash TV here with verve will start again tomorrow with verve in the next trash format. “I’m in a madhouse,” Mangiapane states in a lucid moment. The madhouse has a system. Some would-be would have been embarrassed to survive on the screen with this TV penance of all things. ProSieben makes its stars bad. In order to want to improve them afterwards. The private broadcaster has thus invented the perfect perpetual motion machine – a machine that feeds itself. The circle to church and religion closes: in the end there is eternal life.

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