The good news is the big comparison of tariffs for mobile phone usage abroad: Surprises with bills of several Hundred francs, because one has to forget the abroad the Roaming off, or to buy a suitable credit, are much rarer than in the past. For the providers.

At Sunrise is not automatically activated, a data packet is 1.90 Swiss francs per 100 MB so expensive. At Swisscom you can use a subscription abroad only, if you select an Option for data, calls or SMS. In the case of Salt, the Roaming is blocked after all, after a data is expired package or the included volume. Only the one who is without the Option for abroad online, need to watch out for.

The bad news: It’s complicated continues to be incredibly to find the appropriate Tariff. Because there are a myriad of services. Comparis.Switzerland, for example, lists in the comparison calculator over 140 rates, also in money the are similar to many.

When Roaming, there’s a huge Collective-Chaos

in Addition, the comparison is also complicated and time-consuming. Each provider not only multiple subscriptions, but also a variety of options. Of data packets via flat rates for a certain period of time up to options for calls and SMS, which is cheaper rates. Each combines in a different way: data, SMS, phone – sometimes for 30, sometimes for valid for 180 days.

Although all manufacturers provide tips on how you can save on roaming costs. But clearly the cost, neither Swisscom are shown in the case of Salt or Sunrise. It needs three to four clicks until you get to the Tariffs. A nice Overview of all of the options and variations you’ll find anywhere.

Who wants to compare, one must make assumptions about the consumption and laboriously through dozens of websites to click. A VIEW made for two variants and, respectively, the total cost for a year (see below).

Prepaid is worth it for Thrifty users, even when Roaming

For our fictitious mobile phone User uses his phone so intensely, we looked at the three big telecoms providers, in each case, a subscription and a Prepaid offer, a Alternative to a cheap Prepaid provider.

Who the phone doesn’t need as much, goes with roaming costs, at the cheapest, if it is on a Prepaid service and for abroad data packages Bay.

For the average user looks slightly different. The Prepaid offerings from Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt are not worth the effort here. At Swisscom you have to pay about almost twice as much as with a subscription, namely 1900 francs with Prepaid instead of 1015 francs, with the cheapest subscription.

Who want to have Roaming included, pays too much

But here, as in Who is safe and Roaming want to have from the beginning always included, pays too much. The Swisscom subscription, which also has a mobile radio in the U.S. included is the cost of 2400 francs in the year. Our fictional average Swiss gets the same service from the same provider but also for a little over 1,000 francs. The All-inclusive offer is worth, if he spends more than 26 weeks in the United States.

Prepaid is still an Alternative, one comes away with the appropriate options in Yallo cheap. Only the Salt-Abo with his action prices here are the pre-paid competition.

conclusion of the great Roaming Reports

Who wants to save money, the need for its own needs, a model bill and then the provider can compare. Can help here is a comparison calculator, such as that of the money of the, where you can integrate approaches, and also the Roaming.

The comparison is worth, in our comparison, it shows that you can save 300 to 1000 francs. And only when there is a change from a favourable to an even more affordable subscription. However, you have to buy in almost all cases, data packages and options to solve.