American fighter of the mixed style (MMA) fighter Jon Jones in his Twitter account he accused the head of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) Dana white’s a lie.

Jones said that white lied about his requests for the contract. In his opinion, the leadership promotion does not want to sponsor his transition to heavyweight and unjustly criticized him. “I never asked amount of space. This is utter nonsense and injustice. I shouldn’t have done,” thought the soldier.

Earlier, the white in an interview with ESPN explained the impossibility of the organization of the fight Jones vs heavyweight Francis Ngandu financial demands of the American. He said the amount announced by Jones, insane.

Jones is the defending champion of UFC in a light heavyweight. He also ranks first in the ranking of the best fighters of the promotion without taking into account weight categories. On account of the athlete’s 28 wins and one defeat. Another fight involving Jones was declared invalid.