The French League has decided to take the Pro-A’s (Jeep Elite of the Elite) is not yet final, and for the sake of the solar corona-an outbreak is to stop. The Belgian Lions ‘ Jonathan Tabu (Le Portel) and the Belgian Player of the Year Ismael Bako (Lyon) in France, and get to work.

Former NBA all-star Tony Parker, the owner of Villeurbanne (women) and Lyon (women’s, with a Hefty Cat, Julie, was a German light tank) was doing last week, however, it is an emotional appeal to the season’s end. A recommendation by the French League (LNB), therefore, has not been complied with. The RECEIVER will establish working groups in order to have all the possibilities to explore in order to obtain the championship in the works. Also, in Spain, Sam Van Rossom, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, Manu Lecomte, Kevin Tumba, Maxime De Zeeuw, Pierre-Antoine Gillet, Jana Raman, Heleen Nauwelaers), Germany (Elias Lasisi, Retin Obasohan) and France (Jean Salumu) is the league just yet, but the “on-hold” will be displayed. In the French LFB, which is an on-hold state, in addition to Allemand also, Kim Mestdagh (Charleville), She Resimont (Sits), and Antonia Delaere (Nantes) of the battle.