The Belarusian President explained his decision by the beginning of classes in schools

the head of state also answered the criticism of those who rebuke him in the shifting of responsibility to the parents, explaining that, first, watching the reaction of people. “I lay the responsibility, not lay, you still with me ask. This practice we have in the country. Who is to blame, not to blame – the President. I am honest and bluntly said that I am categorically against the extension of the holidays. Learned opinions, I want to extend a week – extended. But said that I strongly oppose.”

Lukashenka Spoke about the protective measures that apply in the schools. In his opinion, those who force children to wear masks, use “flammable antiseptics with ethanol” and sit in the class, just window-dressing and window dressing. “Utter nonsense. Impossible to children these masks to wear, especially in high school. Such a requirement was not. And if it is, those who have entered, I will answer, – said the President. – You’d better the window is open, air that was fresh. If there is someone “exercising”, most likely, it’s Amateur. But for the fact that the Ministry and the governors did not control the question, they’ll answer.”

As already informed “the UNION”, spring break from Belarusian students ended in early April. But since Monday, April 6, was to be launched last quarter of a student. But parent chat rooms, according to local sources, was filled with calls to postpone the campaign of their children in the context of the global threat of coronavirus, and the country’s leadership then listened to public opinion.

the Ministry of education, confirmed recently and industry Minister Igor Karpenko, has no plans to move and the end of the school year. “We are carefully considering various scenarios of development of events. The end of the school year to move is not planned”, – said Karpenko, the words quoted by BelTA.