The battle of George Clooney over the toilet in the garden ended with the victory of the actor

the Battle of George Clooney for the right to build a toilet in the garden of his manor of the XVII century ended with the victory of Hollywood actor. About it reports the Mirror.

Previously, the artist refused to grant permission for the construction of the toilet, fearing that he may damage the roots of protected trees by law. The conflict was settled after Clooney has agreed to host the building in a different location.

the Estate of the actor is in the UK, in the County of Berkshire. Clooney bought it in 2014, the property was put up for sale for 9.7 million dollars. Currently the cost is estimated at 15.5 million dollars.

In February it was reported that the estate of Cluny was flooded because of the storm “Dennis”, because of which the river Thames, surrounding the island with the plot of the actor, came from the banks.