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We lost a party with a face mask on Saturday when Walmart snatched it right in front of us. They met up at the actual factory in China with money in a suitcase, says businessman Stephen Fu.

He has worked with the import of smittevernutstyr (PPE) and says the race for smittevernutstyr has now reached new heights.

Here at home in Norway fear the gp collapse as a result of the lack of smittevernutstyr and Norwegian authorities are working intensely to secure the precious equipment from abroad, including China, which is a storleverandør.

– We do everything we can to bring more smittevernustyr, said Health and care services ms. Bent High earlier today at a press conference.

the Government will not go out with numbers on how much smittevernutstyr we have in Norway and how much we need. They fear it will weaken Norway’s position in the tough market.

moving the negotiations outside the factories, according to Stephen Fu, who has worked actively to bring smittevernutstyr from China the last time.

– Cash against delivery. They arrived at the actual factory in China with money in a suitcase, ” he says.

HEROINPRISER: Businessman Stephen Fu is worried about the development in the international market.

Photo: Bodø Nu,

Fu has nine employees in Norway and 16 employees in China through his company Orient Holding. They work to supply the Norwegian health authorities with smittevernutstyr. Fu says that the market has now reached new heights.

– the Prices are completely outrageous. Smittevernutstyr sold to heroinpriser, he believes.

Already in 2015 was the Uk warned of the challenges with obtaining smittevernutstyr as a result of international competition during epidemics.

Competing with giants

Also in the united STATES is the lack of smittevernutstyr critical. American Medical Association asks Trump to resort to the old krigslover as lovpålegger factories to add about the production to make smittevernutstyr, according to the latest news and opinionsnettsted Vox. Trump says that he will only use the law in “the worst case in the future.”

They were yesterday to agree on a krisepakke worth 2000 billion dollars to handle the crisis with koronaviruset in the united STATES.

Stephen Fu believes the u.s. storaktørene now adapt to the market and resorts to new ways to obtain smittevernutstyr (PPE).

– I have a large network in China, and the u.s. investorgrupper are interested in buying factories. However, they must have the permission to buy the major producers, so they go on the smaller factories, ” he says.

He says encashment, “Cash against delivery”, is becoming very popular among the vendors. Even he says that they lost a load a face mask to gigaselskapet Walmart.

We lost a party with a face mask on Saturday when Walmart snatched it right in front of us. They arrived at the actual factory in China with money in a suitcase, ” says Fu.

He fears that prices will continue to rise and hope it will not be a new outbreak in China. Then he believes the Uk will face challenges.

– Blusser the infection up in China, then shut them down all exports. The authorities have a controller on each plant that fits on that too much, not sold to foreign countries. They will, in common with other secure.

travel prices shot up

Atlas freight Forwarding As stands for the transport of goods from Asia to Norway for other companies in Norway. They transport mainly medical equipment and smittevernutstyr to proceed to the pharmacies and hospitals in Norway. They tell that also the prices of shipping has skyrocketed.

When it comes to rates on freight from Asia is this completely out of proportion now when the demand for smittevernutstyr is enormous, and the passenger aircraft stands on the ground, ” says Knut Blakkisrud, managing director at Atlas freight Forwarding As.

Blakkisrud says the prices are “spinnville” and that air freight from Asia have increased tremendously the last time.

– It has a triplet only since the beginning of march, he believes.

As one example, he mentions that it is from Taiwan in the beginning of march cost shipping 5,3 USD per kilo, i.e. about 56 million. Today is the 11,2 USD per kg – which represents approximately 120 Norwegian kroner.

the Information he receives from agents in Asia.

It will become less and less capacity, and those who put the most money on the table fly, says Blakkisrud.

Norway: – Enormous demand in the global market

Health South-East has now got a national koordineringsansvar for the procurement of smittevernutstyr and medicines in connection with koronautbruddet.

They had not the opportunity to reply to NRK today, but writing on your own website that these are challenges they must now relate to.

“There is a special situation in the world market with huge demand and issues with production, logistics, closed borders and less capacity in the air traffic.”

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