Famous singer, like many of his colleagues in show business, spends days isolation in a country house. In his spare time he reviewed the old photos and one of the pictures posted in instagram.

On pictures singer to find out easy chair in the family shorts and t – shirt depicted a chubby student with a banana in hand and a pig snout on the rubbers on the nose.

And not even blond.

“And this little piggy grew, grew and grew so big… — What has grown?! — Well, what has grown, it has grown, now I will not return… I have always loved to eat” – ironically a singer in the microblog.

Immediately stepped female followers drifted loved by all sorts of compliments.

“everybody loves a winner!!! You are a talent, handsome and with the right positive thinking!!!”, “I love the sense of humor of Nicholas!!! Only a confident person can say about themselves joking.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the Basque said that in recent years the entertainment events were too much, and people are fed up with this.

The quarantine will allow the public and artists to break from the regular shows.

The singer had expressed the view that modern people have forgotten how to show kindness and compassion, but the coronavirus will allow them to “reset” emotion.

Publication of Nikolai Baskov (@nikolaibaskov) 1 May 2020 11:46 PDT