The Barnaul zoo invites you to look at a newborn kangaroo

visitors to the zoo “Forest tale” can look at a newborn kangaroo. In Barnaul are Sunny days, and he and his mother named Chuckie basking under the warm rays.

the Kangaroo is now about two months. He is still without hair. As told the Director of a zoo Sergey Pisarev, the baby begins to explore the world. From the bag mom look out the ears, snout, looks, but quickly hides. Because bag is the main source of his power, and while the lifestyle is mostly closed.

the size of a kangaroo now corresponds to a two-month kitten, informs GTRK “Altai”. The zoo staff introduced into the diet mom’s vitamins and milk to ensure that she received all the necessary trace elements.

Note that pregnancy Australia does not last long. Tiny baby born , continues to grow in the bag mother. About the new addition to the family kangaroo zoo workers will know after the female has a rounded belly. This year the zoo hopes to break the record in 2019, then, different animals came to light 69 kids.

Text: GTRK “Altai”