The Barber explained how to make the original cut and Kadyrov you Can with a pair of scissors to play

the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has unexpectedly responded to requests from residents of the region to allow hairdressing to work under the conditions of coronavirus.

In his blog, he posted a video in which he appeared with a shaved head. “Salons and Barber shops do not work, so I shaved my head, as did our ancestors, it is very useful. Our Prophet also had my head shaved. Shave their heads” – called Kadyrov. His unusual act has repeated many compatriots. In the opinion of the hairdresser Evgenia Fomina, this hairstyle is not difficult to make at home. Thus, the process can be turned into an entertaining experiment. “I the pleasure would be stretched. First would be the tail cut off (if length allows), then another with a pair of scissors a long time, the maximum would have turned it into entertainment.”


1.First you need to get rid of the maximum amount of hair. Those who have a car, you need to use a very minimal head. To move against the hair growth. Accordingly, on the temples and neck from the bottom up, on the front-parietal area, from the bangs to the top of the head. If the machine is not present, take the scissors and cut as close to the root hair.

2. In order to achieve smoothness, you need to additionally go through the head with a razor using shaving foam. Moreover, to avoid skin irritation, razor need to move the opposite – growth of hair.

3. Now you can wash off the rests of foam and hair.