The Bank of Russia facilitated a massive restructuring of loans to citizens

as part of a package of measures to help the citizens of the CBR allowed banks from 1 March to 30 September to apply a higher premium to risk ratios for restructured loans. This will increase the share of approved applications for change of conditions of the credit agreement. According to the survey of the Bank of Russia for the period from 20 March to 15 April it was 43%, whereas according to the previous survey reached only 11%.

During this period the banks received from borrowers 585,4 thousand requests to change the terms of the loan agreement, considered 449,7 thousand requests and granted 196.3 per thousand of them.

Among these cases, 97.7 per thousand treated vacation credit in accordance with the law (16.7% of all applications received), which citizens may ask (and not ask) the deferred payment for six months if their income dropped by 30% in comparison with the average monthly income in 2019. Of these, the banks granted to 38.1 thousand. Failures in the credit holidays are mostly caused by exceeding the maximum size of loans that fall under the scheme (in 68.4% of cases). These limits amount to 2 million rubles on the mortgage (4.5 million rubles for Moscow, 3 million rubles for the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the regions of the Far East), 600 thousand rubles on loans, 250 thousand of consumer credits of physical persons, 300 thousand of consumer credits to individual entrepreneurs 100 thousand on credit cards.

Cases about restructuring outside of the law on credit vacation received 487,2 thousand, granted in 43% of applications, according to the Bank of Russia.