Monday, June 1, in Moscow removed a number of restrictions, including the ban on walking. Walking is the residents of the capital allowed on a specific schedule to learn which can be on the website

To find on the street, you must follow some rules, for example, to wear a mask and keep distance with other pedestrians. In the case that any Park will notice the excessive concentration of people, the administration has the right to close it to the public.

The walks are restricted from 09:00 to 21:00, but from 05:00 to 09:00 you can go outside without any limitations for sports. The schedule for Muscovites is made at the address of residence, not by place of actual residence.

Introduced because of the pandemic coronavirus mode of self-isolation Sobyanin extended until 14 June, and the system of so-called “walking mode” introduced in the capital in a test mode.

Walking according to the schedule the mayor announced the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 27. Commenting on the system, he expressed concern that without restrictions on the streets will be crowded, “like at a may day demonstration”.