Baseball of the Higher League, at different times, signed by the leaders of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump put up for sale. Announcement appeared on the website Moments in time, which presents rare archival documents and autographs.

According to the publication, the ball belonged to “senior Russian official” first his signature left Putin during a public event. Date and details of the event are not specified.

Then at a rally in North Carolina, which took place on 2 March this year, was received autograph trump.

The cost of the proposal — 54 thousands of dollars (about four million).

The ad also included photos of the ball with both autographs. Have they passed the verification procedure for authenticity is unknown, but the website States that all products have this guarantee.

In June in St.-Petersburg has sold an autograph of President Vladimir Putin, which he left in 1995. It is noted that while the Russian leader was head of the foreign relations Committee of the city. Lot purchased for 48 thousand rubles.