The RSPP proposes to alter the existing access arrangements of the backbone enterprises towards state support. According to the Union, as a result of the release of a number of acts, including clarification of the Ministry of economy, was that the banks began to be interpreted as a system exclusively operating companies listed, but not their production units. Limit of RUB 3 billion, depending on revenue, are also often unavailable to management companies, not always the profit centers. Moreover, according to the Union, several key sectors were not included in the list, priority access to concessional funding established Ministry of economy. According to the RSPP, the limit should be increased to 15 billion rubles or to give access to Finance to all companies identified in the list of groups, and the letter of the Ministry of economy to withdraw.30 APR RSPP wrote a letter to first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov with a request to revise access arrangements of the backbone enterprises of the state aid (there is a “b”). On 10 April the government Commission on sustained development of the Russian economy approved the criteria for inclusion of organizations in the list of strategic enterprises, says the Union. They, in particular, provide for the inclusion of not only management companies with a specific INN, but “of the organization with consideration of affiliation within their group (holding) structure.” But the rules of granting subsidies approved on April 24, it is determined that the access grants received by the entity included in the list, and the amount of requested funding is limited to the average monthly revenue of the borrower minus depreciation and net profit, but not more than 3 billion rubles.”As practice has shown, banks interpret the definition of borrower to include only those companies, which was directly specified in the list of backbone organizations,” writes the Union. This, according to the Union, limits the possibility of obtaining support in large industrial groups, which includes dozens of production companies. As noted in the letter if the management company does not receive sufficient revenue to take credit for their manufacturing plants, she can’t.Also of concern to the RSPP calls the letter of the Ministry of economic development banks from 29 April (there is a “b”), which is recommended to issue a state priority to strategic organizations from a limited list of industries. It featured the aviation, automotive, metallurgy, light industry and furniture, construction materials, oil and gas, heavy and special machinery, shipbuilding, retail trade of inedible goods regular air, rail and bus passenger transport, inland water transport, cargo auto and ��jeleznodorojny transport, the construction of buildings and infrastructure heat and water supply, tourism, hotel business and real estate transactions.”It is unclear on what basis and criteria the Ministry has established a list of industries that can expect interest rate subsidies,— says the source “b” in industry, not included in the list.— It caused outrage among different market participants”.RSPP notes that in the list there is no such “sectors”, railway mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronic, pharmaceutical and medical industry and so on. RSPP asks Mr. Belousov, to withdraw the letter of the Ministry of economy, the banks to give an explanation regarding the provision of support to companies within the group, or to increase the limit of funding up to 15 billion rubles. the Union proposes to increase the financing term from one year to two.Natalia Skorlygina