the Name Jovana Alter20WohnortAargauBerufMake-up Artist Size1,70 metres instagram@jovana_bachelor_2019

3+ told Jovana prior to their participation in the “Bachelor” of their friendship to the cult of the candidate, Mia (23). Mia wanted to know about it but nothing and pimped therefore shortly after about Jovana. If you can attach during the season for more scandals?

When “the Bachelor” with power, the Sensitivity, because they are “seeking an adventure for life” and to find “maybe the big love”. Why der Rosenkavalier Patric Haziri (29) because you should give the last Rose to? Born in Serbin summarizes briefly: “Because I am unique.”

since half a year Jovana’s Single. The relationship with your Ex failed because it was “a bad time”.

is Not a type for One-Night-Stand

Sex is for the Make-up artist the most Important thing in a relationship. Quick schäfer, however, you don’t like an hour even. “I’m not a One-Night-Stand type,” she explains. Also in the TV, it will not go in their well-being to the point. She says: “in Front of the camera, I’m not going far.”

The biggest dream of Jovana is it, eventually, as a business woman and start a family of their own. Whether the participation in the “Bachelor” is a good basis for this?