for the eighth time and in a very solemn quarantine situation presented the award to the Association of producers of cinema and television (APKIT). No laid tables. All stayed at home and went out on the air. But in the four walls of the actress pleased with evening wear, though for the belt. And the producers put butterfly. Someone chose more usual home style. One of the main victors of the ceremony was, we can say, anti-corruption TV series “Storm” Boris Khlebnikov. Even superactual “Epidemic” Pavel Kostomarov in front of him could not resist.

Positioning the prize as the Russian equivalent of the “Emmy”. Since no table was not, everyone could at home raise a glass of wine for the win (but it’s over), and then have some fun with colleagues at the zoom party. Unlike the live ceremonies when always someone does not come, now attended by all the nominees. Actors, of those who announced the nominees, and not one of them came out of their apartments announced the names of potential laureates. Only Cyril Kyaro and Gosha Kutsenko revived domestic images of natural landscapes. The river behind the now enviable luxury. Olga Sutulova, who claimed to be the best female role of the second plan in “Kept women”, prepared like she had to go through a real stellar track. She was in evening dress and makeup. Andrey burkovsky confessed that he had come to the awards without pants. He cared only about the fact, what would be its torso. The rest is still not clear. Each in his window asked colleagues: “can you Hear me?” And Katherine Spitz quipped: “the Ceremony did not end, and I’m already home.” Applause sounded in the recording. Received the prize – receive encouragement from the audience. Present an evening of illusions. The envelopes with the names of the winners, as usual, opened long, but also not leaving the house.

Evaluated the films in 22 categories exclusively producers, gripped their attention products is now said to be launched in 2019. Figurines handcrafted laureates have received the virtual, but within weeks they promised to deliver to the destination.

“Storm” Boris Khlebnikov became the best series in the category from 5 to 24 series, and Boris was declared the best Director. Noted and talented writers of the “Storm” – the family Duo of Natalia and Stjepan Meshaninov Devonina. The award for the best male role of the second plan Maxim lagashkin in a wig and embroidered silks that resembled a geisha, became the most exotic and plague guest of the ceremony. But it was the costume from the TV series “the Plague”, where he starred in the role of Baron. Loyal friend Lagashkin – Alexander Robak – he was the “best actor of the series” in the same “Storm”. Once they started in a strong tandem, so you could say: “We speak of Roebuck, mean – Lagaskin. Roebuck walked Alexander PAL in the TV series “Roofing-robot” and Kirill in “the Epidemic” and he praised their work: “This is the best so far from what I did. This is my own assessment. It is interesting to try themselves in roles that are never played”. He was also nominated for her supporting role in “Epidemic”, but “lost” Maxim Lagashkin. Today they removed the most active one among others, without reducing speed, even in a period of quarantine.

Best actress of the show was Viktoria Isakova in the “Epidemic”. Receiving the award, she said: “Thanks to our Director Pavel Kostomarov, who convinced me to play this role, who fought for me and begged. I’m really happy that it happened.” Competition Victoria made Anna Mikhalkov in “the Storm” and a young and very capable of Love Aksenov in “Former”.

“Storm” vs “Epidemic” – is the main intrigue of the evening. Now only say that the pandemic is defeated the corruption, which is not a temporary phenomenon, and our constant. “Epidemic” noted for cinematographer David Gasnikova, for makeup, editing – have worked with a large group of specialists. For the female role of the second plan was awarded Maryana Spivak. In a solemn moment, for it rained confetti – someone from relatives standing nearby, gave a festive rain.

“Best TV series” 24 series announced “five,” by the time five minutes to the head of the Lenfilm” Inessa Yurchenko. “Best mini-series” to 4 series became the “Battalion” about the events in Yugoslavia in the late 90s. the Best Comedy series – “the Beetles”. Best animated series – “Three cats” Dmitry Vysotsky.

“Docudrama” themselves competed producers Vlad Ryashin and Vladimir Babich. They produced three films in this category – “the Polish trace”. “Rurik”, “Country councils” that leads to sad thoughts: is transferred the soldiers on this field. Won in the end “Rurik”. “Best feature film” became “Text” Klim shypenko, is also competing with itself. The nomination was also presented his “Slave”. Him and Klim bet, since it is a record of the rent, and the producers – are pragmatic people, able to count money. But the “Cornstalk” Cantemir Balagova they ignored. She initially odd fit in this context, or rather didn’t fit.

a special prize “For his years of loyalty to the series” received the classics of the Soviet times Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky, who created “the Eternal call”, “Ermak”, “Shadows disappear at noon”. The famous tandem was only Vladimir Krasnopolsky, who said that behind them there are 34 paintings, and if each series is considered a separate movie, then they removed a total of 600 movies. He paraphrased the words of Mayakovski about Lenin and the party: “We saym Uskov, mean – Krasnopolsky. We’re talking Krasnopolsky, mean – Uskov. Unfortunately, I’m alone tonight. My partner and brother is not a joke was sick. We receive grateful letters from viewers. So, no wonder to the movie. Maybe we’ll be able to stand in front of the camera, despite our age.” Krasnopolska – 86. Uskov -87. And they still continue to work. Both amazing and very kind people. Once over them, even ironically. The series and watched their mass audience was even despised. Anything can happen. However, their films became hits, watched them and knew the whole country. Today to reach the heights of “the Eternal call” in many respects – not given to everyone. Presenting the award to the legendary Duo, Director and producer dzhanik Faiziev noticed that their film “Eternal call”, you can match views with the President. Looks like this is a favorite comparison in the production environment. Three years ago, the same words said Leonid Vereshchagin on the movie “the Crew” by Nikolai Lebedev then another “live” ceremony APKIT.