The author of the theory of black Swan has sentenced the world

To draw lessons from the pandemic of coronavirus, the world must become less permeable, that is, States should have the right to impose additional control measures in "superesportes" of disease in airports and on the borders, told RIA Novosti the American economist, the author of the book and the theory of "black Swan" Nassim Taleb.

"Black Swan" — the theory of Taleb, which deals with hardly predictable and rare events with huge impact force and requiring a new explanation, which in the end turns out to be simple. Experience has shown that nobody can predict the crisis (this assumes the theory itself), but experts around the world regularly try to do.

"When we saw what was happening, we began to think about how to make the world less United. I think it is not so difficult. We just need to avoid the so-called "superastronomical" as I call them, to introduce more regulation at the airports, allow States to close the borders or just to test people before they enter the country. Because we don’t need much to avoid the next epidemic", — said Taleb.

"And, although the current pandemic is not yet over, if we solve this problem, next time we will know exactly how to react, if the situation is associated with respiratory illness. But if the disease is not respiratory, we will need to re-learn" he warned.

According to Taleb, pandemic coronavirus is not a "black Swan", as its spread can be predicted. "Essence "black Swan" is that it is impossible to predict. What we call "white" and "grey" swans are those events about which to worry, because they are inevitable," he added.

Society must define what their vulnerability to these events in the future to be able to resist them, Taleb believes. "we had a vulnerability to the pandemic, now people know about them, we have financial vulnerability, so people know about them. We have climate vulnerability, people know about them. Now we have to worry about GMOs, the genetic modifications, as one source of vulnerability, and people will now pay attention to this," he concluded.