Russian cosmonaut, Executive Director, "Roskosmos" Sergei Krikalev, the flight of which at the station "Peace" occurred in the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, said that he was aware of the events on the Ground of political events, but for him they were in the background of the work space.

Krikalev went on an expedition to the station "Peace" in 1991. He then agreed to stay aboard the station for a second expedition. Back home, the astronaut could only in 1992. The duration of his flight was 311 days. Thus, Krikalev flew from the Soviet Union, and returned to Russia. For the flight he was awarded the Star of Hero of the Russian Federation at number one.

"We were aware of the changes that occur on Earth. And maybe in that time is not evaluated until the end of the depth of the transformations that take place. But as for us, the main part of our activities was connected with the work for which we came on Board. Despite the fact that at the center of all these events were specialists of the mission control Center. They each time got in touch with us, so our life was mostly busy working, interesting, beautiful, complex work, and everything else was on with more background", – said Krikalev on how perceived events on the Ground during your flight.

He told about it during the online International youth scientific school "space exploration: theory and practice" organized "Roskosmos" and MGTU im. Bauman.