Premier League season, Jack Grealish, promising midfield player, and captain of Aston Villa, there is a heavy penalty is on top of the head. ‘I (24) would be early Sunday morning a lot of damage with his Range Rover after returning home from a birthday party in the Restaurant. And that’s even after seeing a video of it on Twitter, posted, was, in which he calls for the lockdownregels to do the same. The police are investigating the incident. Aston Villa had already know is “deeply disappointed” with the club’s captain, a fine will be imposed.

The British tabloids ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Sun’ deal first with the droning of the titles above the articles, which, by the witnesses confirmed that the man in the picture is indeed Grealish and his land Rover of nearly 80,000 euros. The images will be eager to spread it on Twitter. Grealish, who, at the coronacrisis) as a candidate for the English soccer team’s selection, it would be after the crash, with regard to his together with a former football player Tony Capaldi. Both of them left and they are in a building, in which Ross McCormack, a former player with Aston Villa, a luxury apartment. That is, there is allegedly a party. The tabloids zooming in on the remarkable footwear that will Grealish is wearing of his right foot and a shoe on the left is a slipper.