Center ascension being prepared to triple premiere. Next Friday live star “Electrotheatre” Elena Morozova read the debut piece “strand” in the art and journalism freshman drama Catherine Wagner. About media Comedy “Matthew”, contemporary humor and fear, new – in an interview with “MK”.

What brought you to drama?

– I Guess it was inevitable. My whole life is a Comedy. I wanted to try to write plays, but a suitable story for a long time did not come to mind. But when he came, scenes from the future of the play began to emerge before my eyes, could only watch and record to quickly get rid of this obsession. So if you hear voices in your head, yet the fact that you are schizophrenic. Perhaps that is a future playwright. Although one does not interfere.

the First piece is an incredibly responsible and scared at some degree. How long had access and who had the honor to read?

– Very scary, right the creeps! Not to write, of course, but to show. A play I wrote in two weeks when I was on vacation in Montenegro. With the first reader I got lucky. They became art Love Pulikova. She read the 20-page text to the end and very kindly said something like: “in this play there is not enough of this and that. And the ending is no good.” I added this and that and completely rewrote the ending. Better. The second reader was a theatrical journalist Tatyana Filippova. She said that the play is generally good, but the ending is no good. I rewrote it again. More precisely, two. Better. Since then, several people hinted to me that the ending is no good. But it was too late.

– Name is the name of the main character? Does he have a prototype?

– you guessed it, Holmes?! Yes, this is the name of the main character. Or anti-hero. He is an American, living in Moscow, so the question of the prototypes sometimes occurs in those who know that among my friends there are ex-pats. But in fact, his nationality is not so important. Rather, age is important – he is from the generation that did not remember a world without the Internet. Matthew is a citizen of the world, it has no roots, no lasting attachments, he relies only on himself. All the time in search of new acquaintances and connections. I could make it come from any Russian city, but then it would be the story of a provincial, ready to conquer the capital at any cost. And my character is still where to live in Moscow, new York or Balkan backwater, would have been fast wi-fi!

– Modern humor is pretty Frank and hard. What is the nature of funny in your story?

“Modern humor” is different. As, however, and outdated. In Aristophanes Petronius humor was frankly nowhere. The heroes of my peasy – ordinary young people today; in my opinion, the comic effect arises when the audience recognize themselves in them, and rethink some moments of his past that previously did not seem to them ridiculous. Mikhail Khokhlov, past the press Secretary of the many Moscow theatres, reading the play, said: “If it were not so sad, it would not be so funny.” I think it’s very precise wording.

– How do you imagine the play on stage? What do you see in lead roles?

– the idea, the stage must be four screens. For the first three projected images from the computer and smartphones main character (he has two of them), and the fourth is broadcast live from his brain!… On those same screens show the scene. I would like to see this play in different theatres, in different productions. The main character can portray the victim, a woman who mocks a man caught in a difficult situation. Elena Morozova during the online premiere will reincarnate in all the characters right before our eyes – she could play any of them. An interesting idea was expressed by Alisa Grebenshchikova: the man in this piece behaves like a woman, and women, on the contrary, a man. So the main character could play a girl, and heroines – men.

In the upcoming reading for the visualization meets the famous St. Petersburg videohudozhnitsa Marina Alekseeva.

Her work is like no other whose. This is a box with layouts, interiors, inside which is projected a completely surreal cartoons. For the play she also made a hand drawn animation. It helped to breathe life into the cold digital reality chat and cash payments, where there is a hero.

– the Current situation in the world is a good ground for the playwright. Thought about the second play?

– Predict: in the new season we are waiting for the epidemic of plays about the coronavirus. And the vaccine will not be! The second piece I wrote last fall, so now we can focus on the third. I admit, at the beginning of the epidemic I had the idea plays about the virus and isolation, but then I thought that for the theatre, the plot is too simple. Decided to make a synopsis for a film in the genre of screenlife: this is a new kind of movie when all the action happens on the screen of computers and smartphones. Again, this digital reality, anywhere from it will not disappear!