New temperature record in Siberia suggests that the rate of warming in the Arctic has accelerated. This is stated in the article in the Daily Mail.

In the Yakut city of Verkhoyansk recorded a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. This is the highest figure for the Arctic in the history of meteorological observations: the last record was recorded in Alaska in 1915 — also 38 degrees.

Scientists assumed that such temperatures will not be achieved until the year 2100, therefore, the warming of the Arctic is 80 years faster.

In addition, on may 23 in the village of Krasnoyarsk Khatanga was fixed temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, 11 degrees above its previous record. This week in Verhojansk is expected to 36 degrees.

The heat caused fires on territories of permafrost and provoke the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.