Kyiv political scientist Andrey Golovachev said that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is “scammers” and “a typical representative of the provincial elite.” According to him, the Ukrainian leader believes the lie is the norm of behavior and carries his “peasant habits” in the field of international politics.

As an example, Golovachev calls the story of the resignation of the head of the NBU (national Bank of Ukraine) Yakov Smoliy. The analyst in the article published by the publication “Glavred”, indicates that the Ukrainian President signed a Memorandum with the IMF, ensuring the independence of the national Bank, as urged by the Fund to resume lending to Ukraine.

And in two weeks Zelensky causes of NBU Smoliy and invites him to get out of NBU, said the Golovachev.

In his opinion, the problem of the country lies in the culture of society. And while provincial culture does not change the bourgeois morality of European reforms in Ukraine is impossible.

is only an imitation of reform than we are already doing for the last 15 years. And what is now engaged Zelensky, — the expert said.

Earlier reported that the journalists conducted an investigation of the business, Vladimir Zelensky. They came to the conclusion that the companies which previously belonged to the President of Ukraine, could evade taxes. Financier Natalia Lyutikova sure that 11 organizations owned by Zelensky or his wife, have sharply reduced the number of staff in 2014 after the outbreak of armed conflict in the Donbass.