The American media reported on the Russian complex which is afraid of NATO

MOSCOW, 12 APR – RIA Novosti. Russian complexes “Iskander” is a “big problem” who is afraid of NATO, writes the National Interest.

the Publication notes that these systems, combined with a clear strategy to shut out access and blocking are effective weapons.

the article States that Iskanders deployed in various Russian regions. Their placement in the Kaliningrad region gives you the opportunity to hit targets in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and also in Eastern Germany and southern Sweden. In addition, in the affected area complexes is a large part of the Baltic sea.

NI emphasizes that the range of the missile is about 400-500 miles, it can carry a warhead weighing from 480 to 700 kg. Also, the publication draws attention to the fact that the conveyor system is able to carry two missiles. “Iskander” can strike with a circular probable deviation from two to five meters.

“simply put, “Iskander” with a probability of 50 percent gets a point located at two-five meters from the target coordinates,” explains National Interest.

Based in Kaliningrad complexes the publication calls “a clear manifestation of Russian power diplomacy.”

“from There, Russia can strike at targets in the Baltic sea, threatening an important transport route, and hit the targets of the NATO Alliance. Since the Iskander missiles do not carry nuclear warheads, the risk of nuclear confrontation is minimal,” notes the article.

In conclusion, National Interest calls Russian missile Arsenal of huge and impressive considering he is in a state of readiness for use.