The Alarm frontman has penned his country’s official Euro 2020 tune,’The Red Wall of Cymru’ and says the 500 Welsh fans will outsing their Turkish rivals as they are out of the’land of song’

Rock legend Mike Peters has supported Wales lovers to drown out their Turkish rivals in Baku on Wednesday despite being outnumbered 60-1.

The Alarm frontman has penned his country’s official Euro 2020 song,”The Red Wall of Cymru”.

And he considers the 500 fans in Azerbaijan will roar Wales to success.

He said:”Wales is the land of song when the Welsh folks get together and sing our voices are enormous.”

Mike, from North Wales, said the fans inspired the group in the draw against Switzerland past Saturday.

“I thought’wow, the fans are playing their role ‘.

“And then we got the equaliser and I feel the team raised their game, they are able to here the fans singing.

“It must be incredible to be a participant on the pitch and also sense that uplift in the fans”

He says the response to”The Red Wall of Cymru” has been overwhelming.

“It appears to have touched everybody in Wales” he explained.

Mike hopes Wales will succeed on Wednesday.

“It’s likely be tight. It is going to take a particular moment from Gareth Bale. He hasn’t scored for a while but I think we are going to get a superstar performance .”

Turkey are expected to have up 30,000 fans in the arena.