Two men from Wyoming on 59 and 32 years were killed when the mikroflyet they put in, plunged under the reinleting in the mountainous areas in Gildeskål municipality in the south of Bodø 28. august 2018.

the Plane was reported missing the same evening and was later found crashed about three kilometers south of the Ramnfjellet in hilly terrain.

In the Aibn’s report after the accident, the conclusion is that the fallvind and heavier loads than are permitted contributed to the fact that the plane crashed.

Here it is also evident that it is forbidden to use mikrofly to reinleting. Ulykkesflyet shall also be kept very low height – as low as 20 metres. In the National park was not allowed to fly in an altitude that was lower than 300 metres.

Uncovered several missing

Here is ulykkesflyet photographed on an earlier occasion.

Photo: the joint rescue coordination

at the same time comes the Aibn with a clear message to both the Norwegian aviation authorities and the environment as a driver with mikrofly.

Aibn requires that both the Norwegian following activities and the Caa-clean up in what they believe is a ukultur and the tacit acceptance of foul.

Through the investigation revealed the Aibn is missing both at the Norwegian Luftsportforbunds internal follow-up of mikroflyklubbene and by the caa-n follow-up of their audits of associated.

Among other things, it was through several revisions of the Norwegian following activities found 77 deviations. The last audit was carried out by the Gildeskål-accident. Here, it was found 25 deviations, of which 17 were characterized as a “threat to flight safety”.

It is our job to find out what has happened, and so help to ensure that it does not happen again, ” says Kåre Halvorsen in the Aibn.

Photo: Kristina Kalinina / NRK

the Findings were not followed up well enough by the Caa, concludes the report.

Ulykkesflyet was also filmed twice at low altitude. The video was sent to the Caa-n without that there came a reaction against the pilot.

– For us, it is not feilhandlinger performed by the individual, which is the most important. In order to avoid new accidents we’ll look at the system, ” says department head Bill Halvorsen in luftfartsavdeling in the Accident investigation board.

– Here, the system has failed. All the masks in the grid must function if the system is going to work. In this case, knew both the Caa-n, The following activities and probably more in the klubbmiljøet that it was happening. All who knew of this responsibility, he adds.

Will ukultur to life

Two people died after a mikrofly crashed in Gildeskål in Nordland county in 2018. The aircraft was found by a F-16 fighter jets after a larger search group consisting.

Photo: Police

Aibn turn far on the way, established that there are extensive ukultur in mikroflymiljøet.

– This environment has a clear improvement potential. They have a sikkerhetsstyringssystem which is relatively good, but adherence to these is inadequate.

But also the Caa need to sharpen up.

In the supervision after the supervision, it is the same mistakes that recur. It is not to point out the discrepancies if you do not check that they are rectified. This is both a Norwegian following activities and the caa-n’s responsibility.

the Accident investigation board comes with a clear recommendation that Luftsportforbundet goes out to mikroklubbene and checks that the safety systems are being complied with and that you get a better safety culture.

the Report also states that passengers on such aircraft has not been made sufficiently familiar with the risk they expose themselves to. Not about the policy conditions that apply.

– When it is flown with passengers is often automatically over a maximum increased weight with mikrofly and since these aircraft in addition has limited performance increases thus the risk, ” says Halvorsen.

the Commission therefore considers that the Caa must conduct a closer and better follow-up of the following activities (NLF) and Mikroflyseksjonen, as well as that the two latter improves its follow-up of mikroflyklubbene.

Caa-laws more supervision

A good and thorough report from the accident investigation board, says the director Wenche Olsen in the Caa.

Caa admits that the authority has not followed up luftsportmiljøet good enough.

– We follow up commercial airline on a completely different way than those who run the luftsport. The last few years we have probably focused more on guidance and sikkerhetsformidling, ” says the director Wenche Olsen in the Caa.

Now they promise more supervision and a closer follow-up of deviations.

– The safety recommendations that are given, we shall of course follow up. From 2020 we will drive more attention towards both luftsportforbundet centrally located, but also out in the flyklubbene.

Olsen confirms that the Caa received a video that shows ulykkesflyet at low altitude, but says it is not easy to watch a video if there is a violation or not.

the Aibn also points out that it is not going well enough ahead of the regulations that it is prohibited reinleting from mikrofly.

we shall now see how can be clearly defined.


Olsen also points out the challenges that exist by conducting extensive auditing.

– There is a gray area between commercial and private flying. Clearly there are areas we will focus on in the future. At the same time, it is the pilot’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules that apply. In this case, flying in uncontrolled airspace.

According to the Caa, there have been six mikroflyulykker with 11 dead since 2010. In most accidents, there have been passengers in the planes.

– We will take the policy that passengers should be made aware of the risks they run when they put themselves into such a plane, ” says Olsen.

Norwegian following activities: – do Not service the cords

Flyeieren and the instructor on board the aircraft that crashed during landing at grimsby town, practiced on the landings when ulykka occurred. The instructor was killed, while the owner was injured.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

The last dødsulykka with a mikrofly or sportsfly as it is now called – took place in January of this year when a 72-year-old flyinstruktør died at Kongsvinger.

According to Norwegian following activities have been 267 events with sportsfly in the period 2010-2018.

until last year, it was associated even that had to investigate these accidents. The aibn chose in 2018, in consultation with the Ministry of transport and communications and the following activities to investigate all fatal accidents with mikrofly.

Ulykka in Gildeskål is the second mikroflyulykken that is being investigated by the Accident investigation board. The first was an accident near Kilpisjärvi, Lapland in Finland a month before this accident.

general Secretary John Eirik Laupsa the following activities are satisfied with the cooperation with the Aibn.

ultimately is a lot about attitudes, ” says secretary general John Eirik Laupsa in the following activities

Photo: Mike Linvollen / NRK

– We have all the time meant that it must be the severity which will determine whether an accident should be fully investigated. Not what type of aircraft you are flying. It is also unfortunate to should be to examine itself.

He tells of the Gildeskål-the accident was a wake-up call for the following activities, and that the union implemented several security measures in the aftermath.

There has been much learning in this for all. We have good systems, but we find that they need to be followed up much more closely.

at the same time he is aware that it ultimately is the individual commander with responsibility.

He believes that the biggest challenge is the attitudes of the individual to the performance of the flight.