This explanation makes sense, the pandemic has been the catalyst. But problems arose not because of it, and disappear when it runs out. Actually the riots on racial grounds, the reasons for which are quite similar happened in the USA many times, sometimes they cause long plume and led to changes in the political landscape. No one denies friction in the relations between white and black Americans, as well as the great progress achieved since the second half of the last century, equality. However, in some sense, the more success, the striking problem. And the fact that an African American could become President, only underscores the disadvantage of a considerable part of the black population. Political space and socio-economic equality not necessarily go hand in hand.

a Couple of years ago on the screens released film by the British Director Martin McDonagh, “Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”, received high praise from critics and audiences. It is useful to review now to understand what is happening in Minneapolis and other American cities. The protagonist – a mentally unstable COP is a racist, which performs hard and hazardous work, transgresses in the process of the law, in order to act just like triumph, and then comes home to spend time for Beers in the company of a half-mad mother. This film shows the atmosphere of a small town where a prosperous facade lurks a serious social restlessness that applies to almost everyone.

Fatal polarization of society, which in a loud voice started talking after coming to the White house Donald trump, goes back far into the past, associated with the acute social problems that have been accumulating for a very long time. Pandemic they said. On the one hand, all recognize that for the first time in the history of governments around the world put the value of human life above the interests of economy and in a sense society as a whole. Indicating a significant humanization. On the other hand, as noted, working in Stanford, the Austrian historian Walter Seidel, to benefit from progress are the most prosperous, are able to “wait out the storm in the relative safety of their home offices and better paid jobs”. The greater part of society, deprived of basic insurance, still does not have access to adequate medical and social services, but also loses sources of income, because the economy has “turned off” for the sake of their lives. That is, the imbalances warp further.

the American system of social guarantees specific because the political culture of the United States with the founding of the state focused on individualism, entrepreneurship and responsibility for ourselves. This, however, does not eliminate mounting problems, the manifestation of which we see now. The growing popularity of the left and even far left members of the liberal and democratic camp, an amazing phenomenon for almost 80-year-old Bernie Sanders as the idol of young people – manifestation of this crisis. Hence the prevalence of unrest and the attractiveness of the symbolic gestures. Although the campaign is aimed against police brutality and racial inequality, for it hides the demand for justice and change in a broad sense. Therefore, among the sympathizers not only blacks and ultra-left, and politicians in droves consider it necessary to attest its commitment to the ideals of the protests.

the Establishment is advantageous to focus it a racial component, to transfer the discussion to the extension of measures of protection and support to specific groups, instead of discussing the overall injustice of the system. Populist appeals to cut funding for the police does not solve anything. In General, the substitution of the necessary socio-political changes the political changes (and now, increasingly, technology) – a common method of cupping discontent, and this applies not only to the United States. Now the political classes, most likely, will again try to do it. And maybe at the time it even works. But the next turn of the spiral will be even more dashing and formidable than the present.