Actor of the series “Sweet life” Nikita Panfilov told how he filmed sex scenes in the TV show. Panfilov himself was involved in Frank episodes and admitted that it was “hellishly difficult.”

According to him, he decided to try “something new and unexpected” and therefore starred in the TV series, where a lot of explicit scenes. He had to play a character who in the story often appear on camera naked. For this the actor had to undress in the presence of the crew, and that more than 50 people.

“the first time was hellishly difficult,” – said Panfilov in an interview

He also revealed a little trick, which the crew is to give the naturalism of the sex scenes. The private parts of the actors are hidden so that the viewer did not notice anything. Thus for actors and Actresses applied different approaches in dealing with this sensitive issue.

“as for the technical side, the boys just didn’t show it, and the girls of “glued up,” he explained.

For this purpose, “special devices” that intimate zone “roll up like a tape.” Panfilov noted that during the filming of the action seems to be “Prim and veiled”, but the end result is very true, if it was filmed without any tricks.

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