Konstantin Khabensky took a photo in the morning when he left home, bought a bottle of beer and then on the street it was drained – rasskazyvaetsya Newspaper.

According to journalists, the actor is now in a difficult situation. He even lost weight and began to drink beer in the morning.

The fact that Constantine is planning to become Director of the theatre of Oleg Tabakov.

Earlier, immediately after the death of his apostles, he had already made the attempt, but in the end, at the head of the theatre got up Sergei Zhenovach, formerly head of the Studio of theatrical art.

10 Jul Knightley at a staff meeting openly opposed Zhenovach, saying that the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre made “old car” instead of “liner” and had no clear plans and preparing cash Prime.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, according to theater critic Alina Polyakova, Knightley “long-marks” in place of the Director.

According to her, Knightley was supported by the widow of Sergei Yursky, Natalia Tenyakova, who said that Zhenovach does not like this theater.