Police do not believe in a significant reduction of deaths on the roads in the coming years. Interior Ministry proposes to increase the allowable levels of death in a traffic accident to 8.4 per 100 thousand, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. According to the may decrees of President Vladimir Putin and to the national project “Safe and quality roads,” in four years Russia had to go to the best world indicators — no more than four fatalities per 100 thousand population.Will it be possible for the authorities to reduce road deaths? And how real is the figure of eight people on 100 thousand? This issue of “Kommersant FM” asked the head of the public movement “Ensuring traffic safety” Konstantin Krahmalu: “It was a bit of a cold shower in the form of a semi-annual preliminary statistics, which even given the fact that the country was in quarantine and restrictions of movements, to put it mildly, terrifying. All is fragmented, each with its own degree of responsibility, and we are the same as in the Moscow courts: cleaned out one house, and then out of my territory, lie the drifts, and I absolutely do not care. Of course, statistics can be tailored and it was done a few years ago, when those who died in hospital beds from wounds, was taken out of the category of fatalities on the road. In fact, so managed automatically by such small tricks to immediately improve the statistics by 5-7%, doing nothing. Now there is the method of punishment. The man who caused a car accident must meet regardless of status. A fine of at least RUB 100 thousand, at least 200, at least a million is no longer valid. Had to be right under the law to impose liability for victims. The cost of death must be estimated not in one million roubles, and in 10-30 million RUB Where this amount will take people — the second question”.According to the national project “Safe and quality roads” by 2030 the mortality rate on Russian roads should be zero. For this purpose from the budget of the programme was planned to allocate about 5 trillion rubles. To reduce the mortality rate in road accident in Russia need to solve the problem of unfair advantage to some participants in the movement, the Director of the Institute of transport and transport policy, Higher school of Economics Mikhail Blinkin: “In recent years, road deaths in Russia is decreasing very decent by world standards rapidly. For us this figure is about 12 units, it would reduce by 2024, three times, that is, road deaths should be reduced by 20% per year. This does not happen. The figure given by the Ministry, a few more than eight, achievable. What is the simplest institutional measure applies all countries with a high level of security? Total equality on the roads all road users. We have a list of formal privileges on the roads the biggest in the world: some second assistant Prosecutor has way more rights than Angela Merkel. No need to be a rocket scientist to tell what the informal privileges on Russian roads. While we do not address, to get into the Premier League we just do not Shine. The question is not what rights, freedoms, humanitarian values — this is just an objective fact, confirmed by global statistics”.Read duleepa to Rosstat, last year in a car crash in Russia killed almost 17 thousand people which is about 50 deaths a day. Injured in accidents receive more than 600 people daily.Alexander Mezentsev