Who travels with the train, no baggage restrictions or worrying about traffic and Parking. And: It is environmentally friendly and often cheaper than a flight.

The trip with the railway also allows a lot of flexibility, since one can disembark where and when you want. Europe offers plenty of destinations that are ideal for a holiday using public transport. The following cities you must not miss, therefore, in the case of a train journey.

Paris, France

The French capital is excellent with the TGV and two main track in the shortest time achievable. In addition, the city of love has an extensive Metro network. Along the Champs-Élysées, a walk is worth it, because where else could shopping better, than in the vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe?

duration of the trip from Zurich: approximately four hours
information: sncf.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A trip with the public TRANSPORT in the Dutch town almost a Must, because the myriad of bicycles, blocking pretty much every passage and Parking. Also, many of the attractions such as the Anne Frank house or the Rijksmuseum are located, you can walk there in about half an hour from the main train station.

duration of Zurich: around eight hours
information: sbb.ch

Hamburg, Germany

let’s go to Hamburg. Here is the main railway station is located in the city centre, so many attractions are in walking distance. Thus, the city hall or the shopping mile can be reached on the mönckeberg Strasse prima to foot. In addition, you reach with the public transport quickly and easily in other parts of the city.

duration of Zurich: around seven and a half hours
information: bahn.de

Vienna, Austria

For a city trip to Vienna by train, you travel through the beautiful mountain scenery of Austria. Thereafter, the first attraction is also the same: The Central station is a modern-futuristic look, and the neighborhood around it in a trendy upturn. The other attractions of the Imperial city are only a stone’s throw away.

duration of Zurich: around seven hours and 50 minutes
information: tickets.oebb.at

Milan, Italy

“Shop’ til you drop” is the Motto in the Italian fashion capital. Milan’s main train station is a popular photo motif. Once in the centre, you find yourself on foot and the Cathedral is not to be overlooked.

duration of Zurich: around three and a half hours
information: sbb.ch

Brussels, Belgium

sitting in The Belgian capital shows stunning works of art on the streets and, thanks to EU – and Nato’s-main also an exciting place for policy-interested. Brussels has three main train stations and the public TRANSPORT network of the city is greatly expanded.

duration of Zurich: around six hours
information: ch.oui.sncf

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

it is Also easy to reach the city of Luxembourg. It is a sign of diversity: in 2016, people lived from about 160 Nations in the capital of the Grand Duchy. In addition, thousands of commuters from the surrounding countries to come into the city every day, so often traffic jam. Therefore, you should also in rail transport, the fact that they are not courts in the morning between seven and nine o’clock or in the evening between 17 and 19 o’clock, on the rail.

duration of Zurich: around four hours and 50 minutes
information: sbb.ch