time to get up. So my iPhone 8 can Wake me up, was it plugged in overnight to power. Despite a Mix of Eco – and nature-power – I have ejected eleven grams of carbon dioxide (CO2), before I made a step from the bed. So much, namely, a full charge causing my phone. And usually do not times a day.

2 minutes, 45 seconds in the 38 degree warm water running in the shower – I’m fast, despite washing your hair. This will not help much: My water is heated with electricity. Makes 40 grams of CO2. Plus 51 grams of shower gel and Shampoo, the produced Yes, had to be Packed and transported, and where I bought it. I do not Hairdryers and a spare about 50 grams of CO2. Also, the three minutes of teeth with the electric toothbrush great does not fall cleaning weight: 0.6 grams.

For the clothing is the Foundation Myclimate has calculated my CO2 emissions for this day, the following estimate: underwear, socks, Shirt, suit (it is Session) and boots beat solely with the production and Transport with 270 grams of CO2-emissions to the book. Per day, without Washing.

I go daily to the foot, which is no Problem, because the Bernese VIEWS-the office is located only ten minutes from my home. Zero Emissions! The Breakfast in the office, there is a dry bread roll from the bakery, 150 grams of strawberry yogurt. To do this, I grab a 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water from the Valais. However, in a PET bottle. A total of 1200 grams of CO2 emissions. Especially the water I should reconsider, it makes 870 grams. Also working in the office has an impact: 120 grams of CO2 for light, power and heating.

So how many commuters on the parade route for the SBB, I’ll take the train if I need to go to Zurich. 799 grams of CO2. I manage to get a seat in the dining car and drink a herbal tea. Interesting: The increased my CO2 emissions to 130 grams, much in comparison to the train journey. The S-Bahn-travel to Zürich-Stadelhofen is only 14 grams of CO2.

The next sin is waiting in the weekly VIEW planning meeting. I reach for a bottle of mineral water. Not from the fridge, but again, PET. 290 grams of CO2.

On the way back to Bern, there is unfortunately no dining car. Bad for me, but good for the climate, I do wish for a Cup of tea and 823 grams of CO2 spare. Back in Bern, I meet an informant in a Bar. An interesting conversation with a glass of Spanish white wine, two. And my conversation partner proposes to share a home-made tarte flambée. A water from the glass bottle! The use of plastic gives me a good feeling, but this is deceptive – whether glass or PET makes for the climate: The CO2 emissions is in accordance with the Myclimate 290 grams. For the future, I’ll remember that: tap water will do.

For climate policy hangover, however, especially the white wine. Two glasses of Verdejo, a gift with 1060 grams of properly – more than a train journey from Bern to Zurich. Half the tarte flambée with 328 grams is a relatively sober affair.

for once, I take the Bus home. Four stations, ten minutes, 50 grams of CO2. I’m still eating a bit of bread (60 grams of CO2), find cheese (805 grams, even though he is from Bern) in the fridge and another strawberry yogurt (217 grams). A cosy end to the day. Also, because the floor heating provides for pleasant warmth. And a lot of climate-damaging CO2. 5.5 kg pushes my natural gas heating. Per Day. Not only in Winter, because Myclimate has killed my annual consumption on the day. And says: Here I should start to protect the climate.

Against 22.30 o’clock is announced for the light delete. I grab the toothbrush – now climate, slopes, politically, without having a bad Conscience – of the iPhone to the charging cable, and fell into a restless sleep.

conclusion: to 12 kilograms on this day

12 kilograms of CO2-emissions go to this day on my account. The day was really unspectacular. I have eaten neither a large fillet steak is still me behind the Wheel of a car. I would spend every day, I would cause of 4.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year – the Swiss average is 4.7 tonnes. We want to reach the 1.5 degree target of the Paris climate agreement, should each of us be the cause of just 0.6 tonnes.

And: I don’t live this every day. Although I don’t have a car, go a lot by foot or use the train. My seldom-used TV is never on Standby, always switched off. But every now and again – too often – I indulge myself with a piece of meat. And I fly several times per year. Only as example: A return flight to Bangkok, 3.4 tons of CO2 emissions. So much CO2 I could not save. Even if I would turn off the heating completely.