10. Bill Gates

in 1955 (*) – today,

country: USA

capital: 90 billion dollars

The Microsoft co-founder was the richest living man in the world

9. Jeff Bezos

1964 (*) – today,

capacity: 112 billion dollars

in 2018, Bill Gates was pushed from the throne of the richest living people in the world. The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos introduces the new top of the Forbes list.

8. Alain the Red

1040 (*) – 1093 (†)

country: England

capacity: 194 billion dollars

Alain the Red was a nobleman who took part in the Erboberung England’s part. For his services he was honored by the English king William with a huge possession. He owned about 7% of the total economic output of the former of England and is regarded today as one of the richest Englishmen of all times.

7. John D. Rockefeller

1839 (*) – 1937 (†)

country: USA

assets: 341 billion dollars

He founded one of the largest Business monopolies in the United States. His company “Standard Oil” controlled in the year of 1880, 90% of the total American Oil production. His wealth was in his time almost two percent of the entire economic output of the United States.

6. Andrew Carnegie

1835 (*) – 1919 (†)

country: USA

capacity: 372 billion dollars

He was the richest American of all time. His company “U. S. Steel” he sold for $ 480 million to a Bank. The are 2.1 percent of the U.S. gross national product.

5. Josef Stalin

1878 (*) – 1953 (†)

country: USSR

assets: Complete control of a Nation with 9.6 % of the world’s economic power

The dictator responded in such a totalitarian that he had control over the whole of the finances of the former Soviet Union. This was then the largest industrial Nations of the world. Its gross national product was, according to today’s money value at about 7.5 trillion dollars of The money belonged to Stalin, of course, but since he had total Power, he could take what he wanted. A life of Diktaors in the lap of luxury, however, nothing is known.

4. Akbar I

1542 (*) – 1605 (†)

country: India

assets: ruling over an Empire, and the eighth, 25% of global economic output.

He was the great Mogul of India, which was in the years one of the largest Empires in the world. Akbar was not only as one of the most important, but also one of the wealthiest rulers in history. According to Tradition, the then ruler class used an unimaginably lavish lifestyle.

3. Song Shengzong

1048 (*) – 1085 (†)

country: China

assets: ruling over an Empire, the 25-30% of global economic output accounted for

powers, The Song dynasty was one of the strongest economy of all time. According to a Chinese economic historian, your Kingdom has achieved up to 30% of the total economic output. The great wealth of the dynasty owed its then technological progress, and a sophisticated control system. The ruler had gathered up the money and had full control of it.

2. Augustus Caesar

in 63 BC – 14 ad.

country: Roman Empire

capacity: 4.6 trillion dollars

He ruled the Roman Empire as the successor of the murdered Gaius Iulius Caesar. Rome was at that time a quarter of the entire world’s economic output and one-fifth of which is supposed to have taken Augustus. According to today’s money value of his assets would be 4.6 trillion dollars. Apparently, Egypt belonged to him.

1. Mansa Musa

1280 – 1337

country: Mali

assets: More than one

Mansa Musa, king of Timbuktu, the richest man of all time can describe it. His Kingdom is the largest gold producer in the world was in a time when an insanely high demand for gold inventory. It is difficult to quantify how big Musas wealth was, because there is virtually no documentation. But legends tell that he spent on a trip so much Gold that he caused in Egypt is a currency crisis because the value of Gold-based Egyptian Dinar was ruined for years to come. The entourage of the king consisted of on the trip, reportedly from 60’000 people and 80 camels, three hundred pounds would have worn Gold.

The ranking comes from the Time, which is determined with the aid of numerous Interviews with Economists and historians, the richest people in the story, and your assets, taking into account the Inflation has been calculated.