It is the scandal in front of the EM-Quali-duel of the under-21s against Liechtenstein. Ruben Vargas, a shooting star from the FC Augsburg, in the short-term be deleted from the squad. “The reason for the Non-consideration of uncertainties in relation to the FIFA regulations, after Vargas has announced on Sunday evening in Sion in the EM-qualifying match against Gibraltar (4:0) made his debut in the senior national team. Investigations at the FIFA revealed that the risk was for a bet too big,” writes the SFV said in a statement.

protection from Overcharge

And he has made with the non-nomination of the wing runabout everything right. On request, FIFA is refers to the regulations on the Status and Transfer of players. There, in article 1, paragraph 4, of two full calendar must be days between the two Games is in Annex 1. For the protection of the players against Overcharge.

Would have played Vargas on Tuesday night, should have expected the SFV with the consequences. According to Fifa, the case would have been forwarded to the disciplinary Commission.