The idea to want to buy an island, I think, per se, funny. I wonder what the Greenlanders of it. How do you feel if the American President wants to make their country to his own? Of the message belongs to you have determined. You are a natural people, the digitization has not, however, made off Greenland holding. Practically everyone owns a Smartphone. For them, the Internet is the gateway to the world.

Greenland. So far away and so attractive. Even as a little Boy fascinated by the country. This white, heal the world. What happens when Tradition and Modernity collide? Just from a photographic point of view, I have imagined the exciting. I wanted to see the scenery with my own eyes. But above all, I wanted to know how people live there. So I decided eight years ago to spend the Winter in the North of Greenland in Uummannaq,. Then, when the sun shows for 68 days.

social life – Yes, but only inside

anyone Who wants to fly in the Winter to Uummannaq, with the help of a helicopter. Departure once a week. In the summer, when the Fjord was thawed, the inhabitants with their boats to the nearest settlements. 20 to 24 kilometres away from the 1300-soul village. I have experienced the Greenlanders as open people. However, after some warm-up time. At the start it was hard for me to find the access. They were skeptical, were my intentions uncertain. Have communicated I in English if possible, but usually with hands and feet. I tried on the upper deck, anywhere in the world, but failed miserably.

The family is for the people at the centre, the cohesion is strong. They are proud of their culture, to their roots. Many of the Young are therefore in the Clinch. You get to see the world, but they live isolated. Far away from your Dreams. This conflict with the view, hurt.

the social life of the Greenlanders takes place in your own living room, in public school instead of rooms or in the gym. Some music, especially Heavy Metal appeal. A man could play his electric guitar and even Rammstein. In the village there is a Pub and a Disco. When the fisherman arrives in his Coveralls and rubber boots to fancy tents women.

seal meat, Walhaut and Fast Food

A wide variety of Occupations, there is not. At least not in Uummannaq. In the South, in the capital city of Nuuk, the Situation is slightly different. Here is a hunter, fisherman, teacher, or community or in a hospital operating. The unemployment rate is relatively high, and some are struggling with alcohol problems.

Speaking of hunters and fishermen: many of the inhabitants of the fishing coming to dinner on the table, served with a Portion of rice. Especially Mattek, a meat specialty made out of whale skin and rind, is popular. It is eaten raw, with a bit of Aromat. To be quite honest? For me, it tasted like a mouthful of salt water with fish flavor. The consistency is tough. The Alternative: Fast Food from the supermarket. There there is to buy frozen pizzas or hamburgers, and sweets.

The most beautiful Moment of my trip was when the sun has risen for the first Time in a long time. The whole village celebrated, welcomed the sun. Also, the nature with all the ice and the Northern lights was breathtaking. Almost surreal. Here, one is still forced to live in harmony with nature. You is huge. And you as a human being suddenly very small and unimportant. A liberating feeling.”