The Reimanns’ US road trip is slowly coming to an end. But in Montana, a real adventure awaited Manu and Konny in the latest episode of “Welcome to the Reimanns” (Kabel Eins). Instead of residing in their luxury RV at a campground, the emigrant couple had decided to camp wild on one of Montana’s beautiful lakes right near the water.

“At the moment there are no end of trees and bushes here, but there was a sign,” Konny carefully guided the mobile home along a forest path – until he stopped at a garage. “Look, there’s someone doing gymnastics on the fence in front,” the 67-year-old spotted the alleged property owner in the distance, but carefully added: “Does he have a shotgun?” After all, the same applies in Montana as in the former Reimann home Texas: You can defend your own property with a hand on a weapon. “I wouldn’t drive here in the dark, that would be life-threatening,” said Konny.

But all doubts were unfounded. Instead, she welcomed owner Carl, who runs an on-site adventure camp, with open arms. Konny helped the US adventurer to build a raft in return for the hospitality – and after a three-week abstinence was finally allowed to hold a cordless screwdriver in his hand again: “The feeling is good, the screws are good.”

The next day, the Reimanns went on a boat trip, which put the otherwise reserved Manu in a speed frenzy. At the farewell campfire with Carl in the evening, Konny explained the friendship to him: “We keep this place in our thoughts.” Carl replied: “You can come back at any time. It was an honor to have you here.”

The Reimanns had previously left a farm in Wyoming, just as happy, but also with a “crying eye” (Konny). “Konny fits Wyoming like ass on bucket,” Manu assessed the situation. And indeed: During a cattle drive, her husband acted as a veritable cowboy on the back of a mare and enjoyed the six-hour ride to the fullest: “It’s cool to ride through the prairie like that.” It’s a “hard but happy life” suspected Konny. And Manu was happy about the insights into a “completely different world”.

With so many impressive experiences, the Reimanns could finally get over the fact that a long-awaited meeting didn’t work out. “Traumschiff” actor Nick Wilder, whom the emigrants met while shooting a film in Hawaii, had to pass due to a corona infection. “It’s a pity, but we can’t change that,” Konny said with his usual Nordic composure. Manu and Konny enjoyed the planned kayak trip on the Missouri as a couple.

Meanwhile, Manu pushed ahead with the secret preparations for Konny’s birthday – even if he doesn’t care much about his day of honor: “Every year the same theater.” Manu didn’t really care, instead she tracked down a German confectioner in Washington who would do Konny’s Favorite cake (Black Forest cherry) prepared. But the much bigger surprise is still waiting for the celebrant: a spectacular flight in a double-decker aircraft. But that only shows in the new episode of “Welcome to the Reimanns”.

Lucas Cordalis did not exactly become a crowd favorite in the jungle camp. Even behind the cameras there was little sympathy for Daniela Katzenberger’s husband, as show author Micky Beisenherz has now revealed.

Anne Will surprised a few weeks ago with her soon-to-be talk show – something has also changed privately with the presenter: she is said to be newly in love. Her new friend is 26 years younger and writer Helene Hegemann.

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